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Corporate entry Cotton Catchment Communities CRC (2005 - )

1 September 2005
Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia
Agricultural industry, Materials or Textiles Industries and Industrial or scientific research


The Cotton Catchment Communities CRC commenced operations in September 2005 when it successfully secured a third round of funding under the Commonwealth CRC Program. It succeeded the Australian Cotton CRC established in 1999 and the Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Cotton Production, 1993-1999. The Cotton Catchment Communities CRC's mission is to undertake collaborative research, education and commercialisation activities to provide innovative knowledge that is adopted for the benefit of the Australian Cotton Industry, Regional Communities and the Nation.


 1993 - 1999 CRC for Sustainable Cotton Production
       1993 - 1999 CRC for Sustainable Cotton Production
       1999 - c. 2005 Australian Cotton CRC
             2005 - Cotton Catchment Communities CRC

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