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Corporate entry CRC Mining (2003 - )

1 July 2003
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Metallurgy, Mineralogy or mining and Industrial or scientific research
Alternative Names
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Mining


Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Mining was formed in 2003 following a seven year grant to a consortium of industry groups and universities from the CRC. This newly formed CRC took over from the very successful CRC for Mining Technology and Equipment (CMTE) - one of the 15 original CRCs. Today CRC Mining is an internationally recognised multi-million-dollar mining research centre, which aims to deliver a stream of innovative solutions that substantially enhances both safety and productivity (capital and labour) to the global mining industry.


 1991 - 2003 CRC for Mining Technology and Equipment
       2003 - CRC Mining

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Annette Alafaci