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Corporate entry CRC for Aboriginal Health (2003 - 2009)

1 July 2003
Casuarina, Northern Territory, Australia
Medical Research and Indigenous Affairs
Alternative Names
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health


The CRC for Aboriginal Health (CRCAH) replaced in part the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Aboriginal and Tropical Health at the end of June 2003. The new CRC venture received a seven year grant to:
• Promote high quality research through the development of research partnerships involving key stakeholders, through increased Aboriginal participation and control and through better-defined ethical practices.
• Undertake strategic research to investigate health service delivery systems, the social determinants of health and health conditions.
• Transfer research findings into policy and practice to improve primary health care practice, to build sustainable prevention and early intervention programs and to reduce the burden of disease on Aboriginal communities and individuals.
• Increase formal research training opportunities for Aboriginal people.

It is a 'virtual' organization which brings together in collaboration research users, research providers, policy makers and service delivery agencies.

In 2009 a 4.5 year grant was given to the CRC for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health which took the place of the CRC for Aboriginal Health.

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