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Corporate entry Australian Society for the History of Engineering and Technology Incorporated (ASHET) (2003 - )

25 June 2003
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
History of Australian Engineering, History of Australian Technology, Association and Society or membership organisation
Alternative Names
  • ASHET (Acronym)


ASHET, the Australian Society for History of Engineering and Technology, is a non-profit society, incorporated in the state of New South Wales. It was established to encourage and promote community interest and education in the history of engineering and technology in Australia. It was conceived as a national society, with members throughout Australia, though in its beginnings a majority of the members were in Sydney, where the society was formed in 2003. ASHET is affiliated with the Royal Australian Historical Society. In late 2005 ASHET incorporated the activities of the Australian Science History Club.



25 June 2003
Business event - Inaugural meeting of members, attended by forty five people at which the steering committee presented its recommendation to form the society.
25 June 2003
Talk - Talk: Ian Jack, Chimneys in the bush; questions about industrial heritage, at History House, Sydney
29 October 2003
Business event - General Meeting of Members, at which a committee was elected.
22 February 2005
Talk - Talk: Ian Arthur, American technology in Australia: what kept it out and who let it in?, at 6pm, History House, Sydney
30 August 2005
Talk - Talk: Margaret Scott, Bindings of the Government Printing Office, 6pm at History House , Sydney
19 September 2005
Talk: ?????, Transform - Science and Technology Records in the National Archives of Australia, at 6pm, History House, Sydney
29 November 2005
Talk - Talk: Karina Kelly, Einstein's Extraordinary Year, at 6pm, History House, Sydney


 1987 - 2001? Colonial Science Club
       2001 - 2005 Australian Science History Club
             2003 - Australian Society for the History of Engineering and Technology Incorporated (ASHET)

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