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Corporate entry Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division (1996 - )

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Medical Research


In the major Institute restructure of 1996/1997 the Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division evolved from the Molecular Biology Unit. Today the Division's major areas of research are control of cell death (apoptosis), genetic basis of malignancy and differentiation and proliferation. The main goal of this research is to develop new and improved cancer therapies.


Research in the Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division examines the genetic programs that govern normal cell behaviour. These include cell differentiation and the regulation of cell apoptosis or programmed cellular suicide. The main diseases targeted by the Division are cancers of the blood, leukaemias and lymphomas, and breast cancer (as part of the Victorian Breast Cancer Research Consortium). Much of their work involves the development, charcterisation and use of novel tumour-prone strains of mice.

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Emily Geraghty & Annette Alafaci