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Corporate entry Development and Neurobiology Group (1996 - 2003)

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Medical Research


The Development and Neurobiology Group was created in 1996 when the Neuroimmunology Laboratory (Cellular Immunology Unit) and the Molecular Biology Unit merged. The Group was disbanded in late 2003.


Research within the Development and Neurobiology Group focused on understanding the mechanisms controlling the embryonic development, survival and function of cells of the nervous system. The aim was to develop new therapies for degenerative diseases and injuries of the spinal cord and brain. Such treatments would promote growth and reconnection of damaged axons. The Group has shown that certain growth factors identified in the development of the nervous system are also able to stimulate the survival of damaged nerves and production of new neuronal cells in the adult nervous system. Their work has focused on the concept that neuron production is regulated by inhibitory mechanisms, implying that the production of neurons from stem cells will require releasing the stem cell from active inhibition. The Development and Neurobiology Group was one of the earliest to demonstrate that neural stem cells have the capacity to generate both neural and blood cells.

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Emily Geraghty & Annette Alafaci