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Corporate entry Cancer and Haematology Division (1996 - )

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Medical Research


The Cancer and Haematology Division was formed in 1996 to allow the successful Cancer Research Unit to become an entity in its own right. This saw a major increase in research personal, funding and research scope.


Research in the Division continues to try to improve treatments for patients suffering from diseases associated with faulty blood cell production, and those receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The Division researches the fundamental biological mechanisms that normally control blood cell development. This work ranges from basic biological research through to clinical trials of potential blood cell therapeutic agents. The Division concentrates primarily on the role of regulatory molecules called cytokines, several of which were first discovered at the Institute. Much of the research focuses on cytokine receptors and their transcription factors in the development of normal and leukaemic blood cell. The division uses genetically modified mice or cell lines to delineate the specificity of cytokine and cytokine receptor activity and interactions. In 1997 the Division identified a novel family of cytokines (Suppressors of Cytokine Signalling or SOCS) that negatively regulated intracellular signalling, and continue to research their activity. The Division also researches positive regulation of haemopoiesis, and melanoma and melanocyte biology

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Emily Geraghty & Annette Alafaci