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Corporate entry Physics Museum

The University of Melbourne

Education, Collection management and History of Australian Science
Level 2 School of Physics University of Melbourne VIC 3010 The School of Physics is on the corner of Swanston and Elgin Streets, Parkville .


The Physics Museum at the University of Melbourne owes its creation to the dedication and forethought of Associate Professor Ed Muirhead, Chairman of the School of Physics from 1980 to 1986, who initiated the current displays in the 1980s. The collection was catalogued with the aid of Ms Anna Fairclough (museum curator), and the museum displays set up with a grant from the Ian Potter Foundation. The museum holds items of historical and scientific interest, concentrating on scientific apparatus constructed by former professors and staff for research purposes. It includes equipment and photographs spanning the history of the School of Physics, which was established as the School of Natural Philosophy in the 1880s. There are also significant holdings of ruling engines and diffraction gratings developed by Grayson and Lyle as well as apparatus emerging from optical munitions research directed by Laby during the Second World War.

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