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Corporate entry Nicholas Australia Ltd (1968 - 1970)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Pharmaceuticals or Medical Aids and Chemical Industries
Melbourne, Victoria


In 1915 George Nicholas started synthesizing acetylsalicylic acid or 'Aspirin' from a makeshift laboratory in his pharmacy. Later he, together with Monsanto UK, started a separate manufacturing company for salicylates called Monsanto Southern Cross. His businesses continued to expand and were incorporated into Nicholas Australia Ltd. This company was floated in 1968 in order to purchase Nicholas Pty Ltd. The company changed its name in 1970, becoming Nicholas International Ltd, to reflect the international nature of the company. In 1981 it again changed its name, this time to name changed to Nicholas Kiwi Australasia Limited.


 1968 - 1970 Nicholas Australia Ltd
       1970 - 1981 Nicholas International Ltd
             1981 - 1984 Nicholas Kiwi Limited

Published resources


  • Smith, Robert Grenville and Barrie, Alexander, Aspro:how a family business grew up (Melbourne: Nicholas International Ltd., 1976). Details

Journal Articles

  • 'Early Australian Chemical Industry. 4. Nicholas Pty. Ltd.', Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, 30 (3) (1963), 113-122. Details


See also

  • Reed, Geoff A., 'Veterinarians in the development of an Australian pharmaceutical industry', Australian Veterinary History Record, 62 (2012), 9-36. Details

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