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Corporate entry Minerals Separation Ltd (1900s - )

Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
Metallurgy and Mineralogy or mining
Broken Hill, New South Wales


In the first five years of the twentieth century, Minerals Separation Ltd, a small London-based company, was involved in developing a revolutionary technique of ore extraction. Its work, along with that of others, emerged in response to a most serious metallurgical crisis faced by any Australian mining field in the nineteenth century. Essentially the problem was that companies involved in mining silver, lead and zinc found that the deeper they mined the lode, the more difficult these metals were to extract and separate.

Archival resources

The University of Melbourne Archives

  • Minerals Separation Ltd - Records, 1895 - 1933, 90/93; The University of Melbourne Archives. Details

Published resources


  • Scillio, Mark; McCarthy, Gavan; Sherratt,Tim, A Brief Guide to the Records of Minerals Separation Ltd (Melbourne: Australian Science Archives Project, 1992), 29 pp. Details


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