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Corporate entry Hazelwood Power Corporation Pty Ltd (1995 - 1996)

1 February 1995
Hazelwood, Victoria, Australia
Energy and Public Utilities
Reference No
ABN: 67 065 381 204
Hazelwood, Victoria 3840


Hazelwood Power Corporation Pty Ltd was formed in 1995 as a Victorian state-owned business. The corporation ran a brown coal mine and the Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. In August 1996 the Victorian Government sold the business to the Hazelwood Power Partnership and it was renamed Hazelwood Power. The new owners of the business were National Power from the UK (72%). PacifiCorp from the USA (19.9%), and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (8.1%). In January 2003 the consortium changed its name to International Power Hazelwood (IPRH), which today produces up to 25% of Victoria's power.

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