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Corporate entry CRC for Cellular Growth Factors (1991 - 2004)

1 July 1991
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
30 June 2004
Medical Research
Alternative Names
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Cellular Growth Factors
Melbourne, Victoria


The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Cellular Growth Factors was established in July 1991 and closed in 2004.


From their Web site, June 2002: "The Centre has identified the field of cellular growth factors as a research theme of enormous potential benefit to Australians. It aims to increase the chance of success of Australian research into cellular growth factors by integrating the unique and specialised skills of several leading groups in this field of research. These skills include in vitro and in vivo biology, molecular biology, protein purification, protein structure determination, molecular modelling, rational drug design, clinical trials and, more recently, screening of phage-display, combinatorial chemical and natural product libraries."

Published resources


  • Cooperative Research Centres Program (Australia), CRC Compendium / Cooperative Research Centres Program, Australia (Canberra: Australian government Publishing Service, 1996), 72 pp. Details


Ailie Smith