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Corporate entry School of Chemistry (c. 2001 - )

Monash University

c. 2001
Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Education and Industrial or scientific research
Clayton, Victoria


The School of Chemistry is one of six schools in Monash University's Faculty of Science. The School appears to have replaced the Department of Chemistry in 2001. The School of Chemistry is one of the leading teaching and research schools in Australia. It is affiliated with a number of important research centres, is host to the ARC Centre for Green Chemistry and the Water Studies Centre, and is committed to ongoing involvement with Australian industry.


 ? - c. 2001 Department of Chemistry
       c. 2001 - School of Chemistry

Published resources


  • Twenty Five Years of Chemistry at Monash, 1961-1985 (Clayton: Department of Chemistry, Monash University, 1986), 48 pp. Details
  • Collins, David J., Chemistry at Monash University, 1986-2003: Compiled and Edited by David J. Collins, Assisted by Ernest K. Nunn and Nicola H. Williams (Clayton: School of Chemistry, Monash University, 2005), 150 pp. Details


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