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Corporate entry Environment Conservation Council (of Victoria) (1997 - 2001)

State of Victoria

1 July 1997
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
31 December 2001
Advisory or Regulatory Body and Conservation or Environment
Reference No
VA 4288
Legal Status
Public Record Office Victoria, Registered Agency
Melbourne, Victoria


The Environment Conservation Council was established under the Environment Conservation Council Act 1997. This Act abolished the Land Conservation Council. On 1 January 2002 the Council was replaced by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council. From their Web site, January 2002: "The Environment Conservation Council (ECC) advises the Victorian Government on the use of public land; it makes recommendations not decisions. It investigates issues at the request of the Minister, and in doing so, takes into account resource use and social issues as well as environmental needs."


 1971 - 1997 Land Conservation Council of Victoria
       1997 - 2001 Environment Conservation Council (of Victoria)
             2002 - Victorian Environmental Assessment Council

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  • 'VA 4288 Environment Conservation Council 1997-ct', in Public Record Office Victoria online catalogue, Public Record Office Victoria, 2002, Details

Ailie Smith