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Corporate entry Vickers Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd (1972 - 1984)

Cockatoo Island, New South Wales, Australia
Defence Industries and Maritime Industry
Reference No
CA 7228
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Cockatoo Island, New South Wales


Vickers Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd was established in 1972. Located on Cockatoo Island, the largest island in Sydney Harbour, the Dockyard can trace its history back to the middle of the nineteenth century, when the island began to be used as a dockyard. In 1984 it became known as Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd.

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  • 'Primary description of agency CA 7228; (by 1870) Governmnent Dockyard - Biloela/ (from 1913) Commonwealth Naval Dockyard, Cockatoo Island/ (from 1933) Cockatoo Docks and Engineering Co Limited/ (from 1972) Vickers Cockatoo Dockyard Limited/ (from 1984) Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd, Registration of entity: 28 February 1991', in RecordSearch, National Archives of Australia, 2000, Details

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