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Corporate entry South Australian Railways (1856 - 1974)

Colony and State of South Australia

South Australia, Australia
Rail Industry and Regulatory Body
Reference No
State Records of South Australia Agency ID: GRG42


South Australian Railways were responsible for the manufacture of locomotives and laying and maintenance of railway tracks throughout South Australia. The machinery of government around South Australian Railways between 1856 - 1975 has involved a series of commissions (of three appointee's) and single commissioners. These commissioners have existed as both independent entities and as subordinate to the Commissioner of Public Works (1859 - 1887), there was even a Railway and Tramways Department under the authority of the Commissioner of Public Works from 1874 - 1888. Further research is required to establish the extent and when the government commissions, commissioners, and departments engaged in the scientific and technical elements of railways as opposed to financial management. In 1974 the responsibilities of South Australian Railways were transferred to the State Transport Authority Board (1974 - 1994).


 1856 - 1974 South Australian Railways
       1974 - 1994 South Australian State Transport Authority Board

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