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Corporate entry Royal Australian Navy Research Laboratory (RANRL) (1969 - 1984)

Commonwealth of Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Defence Industries, Navy, Ammunitions and Explosives or Weapons Industries
Reference No
CA 4389
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Sydney, New South Wales


The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Experimental Laboratory, which was created in 1956, changed its name to The Royal Australian Navy Research Laboratory (RANRL) in 1969. The RAN laboratory was transferred to the Weapons Systems Research Laboratory in 1984.

Published resources

Journal Articles

  • Dowsett, Michael, 'The Contribution of the Royal Australian Navy to the Development of Underwater Medicine in Australia', Health and History, 6 (2) (2004), 92-96. Details


  • Hunter, W.F., ed., The Development of the RAN Research Laboratory (Melbourne: DSTO Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory, 1996), 70 pp. Details


Resource Sections

  • 'Primary description of agency CA 4389; (from 1987) Maritime Systems Division/ (by Feb 1988) Defence Science and Technology Organisation/ (by Aug 1988) DSTO Sydney, Underwater Weapons and Countermeasure Systems Division/ (from 1992) DSTO Sydney, Marine Operations Division. Registration of entity: 24 December 1987', in RecordSearch, National Archives of Australia, 2002, Details

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