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Corporate entry New South Wales Department of Railways (1932 - ?)

State of New South Wales

New South Wales, Australia
Advisory or regulatory body and Rail Industry

Published resources


  • Paddison, Leonie, The Railways of New South Wales 1855-1955 (Sydney: Railway Department, 1956), 304 pp. Details

Conference Papers

  • Branagan, D. F., 'The Sydney-Newcastle Railway: 19th Century Engineering Geology?', in 29th Sydney Basin Symposium, Proceedings (1995), pp. 125-132.. Details

Edited Books

  • Burke, David ed., With Iron Rails: a Bicentennial History of Railways in New South Wales (Sydney: New South Wales University Press, 1988), 254 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Lansley, D., 'The Railways of New South Wales: Output, Inputs, and Productivity, 1860-1913', Journal of Transport History, 10 (1) (1989), 74-90. Details


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