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Corporate entry Kraft Walker Cheese Company Proprietary Limited (1926 - 1935)

May 1926
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Food or beverage industry
Melbourne, Victoria


The Kraft Walker Cheese Company Pty Ltd was established in Melbourne in May 1926 as an initiative of Fred Walker who had been granted an exclusive license by the Kraft Cheese Co. (Inc.) of Chicago USA to use the Kraft patented method for the manufacture of processed cheese. Following the death of Fred Walker in 1935 the company was amalgamated with Fred Walker and Co. and the American Kraft Company acquired a controlling interest.


 1926 - 1935 Kraft Walker Cheese Company Proprietary Limited
       1935? - 1950? Kraft Walker Cheese Company Limited
             1950 - Kraft Foods Limited

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  • Farrer, Keith Thomas Henry, 'C. P. Callister - a Pioneer of Australian Food Technology', Food Technology in Australia, 25 (1973), 52-65. Details


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