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Corporate entry CSIRO Kimberley Research Station (1946 - )

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

1 August 1946
Western Australia, Australia
Industrial or scientific research, Materials or Textiles Industries and Plant science
Reference No
CA 7944
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia


The Kimberly Research Station was a joint venture between the Western Australian Government and the CSIRO. The Station was established in 1946 in the north of Western Australia. The main function of the Station was cotton research. In 2003 the Station is part of the CSIRO Division of Plant Industry.

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  • Basinski, J. J.; Wood, I. M.; Hacker, J. B., The Northern Challenge: a History of CSIRO Crop Research in Northern Australia (Brisbane: CSIRO Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures, 1985). Details


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