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Corporate entry John Holland Group Pty Ltd (1949 - )

16 May 1949
Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia
Building or Construction Industries, Metallurgy, Mineralogy or Mining, Telecommunications and Rail Industry
Reference No
ABN 37 050 242 147
70 Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford Victoria 3067


The John Holland Group Pty Ltd was established in 1949 as an engineering and construction company. In 1991 Janet Holmes à Court's Heytesbury Pty Ltd acquired John Holland & Co and in 2000 Leighton Holdings acquired 70% of John Holland Australia. Over the next few year the company diversified and bought out the telecommunications company Quantum (2001), Fletcher Construction's Australian business (2002) and others. In 2005 it launched John Holland Mining to re-enter the mining sector. Today the John Holland Group continues to influence the shape of Australia and works in many diverse industries.


 1950 - c. 1991 John Holland Constructions
       1949 - John Holland Group Pty Ltd

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