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Corporate entry Orica Limited (1998 - )

February 1998
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Chemical Industries, Paint or Pigment Industries, Ammunitions and Explosives or Weapons Industries
Reference No
ABN 24 004 145 868
1 Nicholson Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000


In February 1998 Orica Limited took the place of ICI Australia Ltd. Orica manufactures and supplies chemicals, fertilisers, commercial explosives and paints. From their Web site, July 2002: "Orica is a publicly owned Australian chemical company employing around 9,000 staff across approximately 30 countries, and its operation are divided into four main business areas."


 1875 - 1897 Australian Explosives and Chemical Company Ltd
       1898? - 1926 Nobel (Australasia) Ltd
             1926 - 1928 Imperial Chemical industry (Australasia) Limited
                   1928 - 1971 Imperial Chemical industry of Australia and New Zealand Limited
                         1971 - 1998 ICI Australia Ltd
                               1998 - Orica Limited

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