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Corporate entry Commonwealth Marine Salvage Board (1942 - 1946)

Commonwealth of Australia

14 March 1942
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
1 January 1946
Maritime Industry and Defence Industries
Alternative Names
  • Salvage Board (Parallel)
Reference No
CA 147
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Sydney, New South Wales


The Commonwealth Marine Salvage Board, also known as The Australian Salvage Board, was established in March 1942. It began restoring 86 vessels, 83 of which were fully salvaged and returned to service. The Board was abolished in January 1946, when the Australian Shipping Board was established, with marine salvage being amongst its functions.


 1942 - 1946 Commonwealth Marine Salvage Board
       1946 - 1961 Australian Shipping Board
             1956 - 1974 Australian Coastal Shipping Commission
                   1974 - 1989 Australian Shipping Commission

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