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Corporate entry Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre (BMRC) (1985 - )

Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Alternative Names
  • Research Division (Parallel)
Melbourne, Victoria


Established in 1985, the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre is the Research Division of the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology. It continued some of the functions of the joint Bureau/CSIRO Australian Numerical Meteorology Research Centre. Its objectives include: advancing the science of meteorology with particular emphasis on the southern hemisphere and the Australasian region; supporting the operations and services of the Bureau through the development of major systems and the provision of scientific advice; and, advancing the national interest through meteorological and oceanographic research.

The Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre was established in 1985 as an essentially self-contained research division of the Bureau of Meteorology, with administrative, professional and technical staff to support the research activities. 'Research in BMRC is carried out by six groups covering the areas of model development, data assimilation, model evaluation, weather forecasting, climate forecasting, and ocean and marine forecasting. The work of each group contributes to the advancement of meteorological and oceanographic science and to the enhancement of the operations and services of the Bureau'. From (19/02/01).

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