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Corporate entry CSIRO Division of Petroleum Resources (1993 - )

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

June 1993
Syndal, Victoria, Australia
Industrial or scientific research and Petrochemical Industry
Syndal, Victoria


CSIRO Petroleum Resources was established in June 1993. It was the result of a restructure involving the Division of Geomechanics and parts of the Division of Exploration and Geosciences. From their Web site, November 2002: "CSIRO Petroleum provides research capabilities and technology directed at maintaining an internationally competitive and sustainable Australian energy industry with a primary focus on oil and gas and some work on geothermal energy. It concentrates on exploration, field appraisal, production and gas processing."

It is now most likely known as CSIRO Petroleum, which has branches in Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales.


 c. 1958 - 1960 CSIRO Cement and Ceramic Section
       1927 - 1966 CSIRO Mineragraphic Investigations
       c. 1933 - c. 1943 CSIR Soil Physics Section
       1960 - 1962 CSIRO Cement and Refractories Section
             c. 1943 - 1955 CSIRO Soil Physics and Mechanics Section
             1962? - 1970 CSIRO Division of Applied Mineralogy
                   1955 - 1967 CSIRO Soil Mechanics Section
                   1971 - 1984 CSIRO Division of Mineralogy
                         1967 - 1970 CSIRO Division of Soil Mechanics
                         1984 - 1985 CSIRO Division of Mineralogy and Geochemistry
                               1970 - 1983 CSIRO Division of Applied Geomechanics
                               1985 - 1987 CSIRO Division of Minerals and Geochemistry
                                     1983 - 1993 CSIRO Division of Geomechanics
                                     1988 - 1993 CSIRO Division of Exploration and Geoscience
                                           1993 - CSIRO Division of Petroleum Resources

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