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Corporate entry CSIRO Division of Fuel Technology (1988 - 1990)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

1 January 1988
Lucas Heights, New South Wales, Australia
30 June 1990
Industrial or scientific research and Energy
Lucas Heights, New South Wales


The Division of Fuel Technology was established with what was left of the Division of Energy Chemistry, after it amalgamated with the Division of Fossil Fuels. In 1990, an amalgamation of the Divisions of Fuel, Coal and Energy Technology took place and the new Division of Coal and Energy Technology was created.


 1949 - 1952 Industrial Atomic Energy Policy Committee
       1952 Atomic Energy Policy Committee
             1952 - 1981 Australian Atomic Energy Commission
                   1958 - 1981 Australian Atomic Energy Commission, Research Establishment
                         1981 - 1987 CSIRO Division of Energy Chemistry
                               1988 - 1990 CSIRO Division of Fuel Technology
                                     1990 - c. 1995 CSIRO Division of Coal and Energy Technology
                                           c. 1995 - CSIRO Energy Technology

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