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Corporate entry Wilkes Station (1959 - 1969)

Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions

17 January 1959
19 February 1969
Conservation or Environment, Earth Sciences and Industrial or Scientific Research
Reference No
CA 1532
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia


Wilkes Station was originally established in 1957 by the United States of America, and was taken over by Australia two years later. The Station was intended to be temporary. Work began to replace Wilkes in 1964, at a location two kilometres away. On 19 February 1969 the Casey Station was opened and the Wilkes Station decommissioned.


 1959 - 1969 Wilkes Station
       1969 - Casey Station

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  • 'Primary description of agency CA 1532; Wilkes Station (a) United States of America, Operation Deep Freeze, 1957-1959 (b) Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, 1959-1969. Registration of Entity: 9 May 1978', in RecordSearch, National Archives of Australia, 2000, Details

Ailie Smith