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Corporate entry Dulux Australia Ltd (1971 - )

1 July 1971
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Paint or Pigment Industries
McNaughton Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168


In July 1971 Dulux Australia replaced BALM Paints Limited. Dulux Australia can trace its history back to 1918, when it began as the British Australian Lead Manufacturers Pty Ltd.

From their Web site, December 2001: "DULUX Australia produces and distributes paint under the brand names of DULUX, Walpamur, Berger, British Paints, Cabots, Acra Tex, Intergrain and Feast Watson plus some generic brands. These paints are available in a variety of businesses around Australia and some brands are sold overseas."


 1906 - 1918 Australasian United Paint Company (AUP)
       1918 - 1955 British Australian Lead Manufacturers Pty Ltd
             1955 - 1964 BALM Paints Pty Ltd
                   1964 - 1971 BALM Paints Limited
                         1971 - Dulux Australia Ltd

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