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Corporate entry Coated Products Division (1979 - )

BHP Steel International

Westernport, Victoria, Australia
Manufacturing Industry, Building or Construction Industries and Motor Industry
Westernport, Victoria


BHP Coated Products (1971-) was formerly known as John Lysaght (Australia) Ltd. During the late 1960s and 1970s Lysaght introduced new, faster methods of coating metal at widths up to 1.2m for use in metal cladding for industrial and domestic buildings, caravans, white-ware, metal shelving and roofing. The Coated Products Division also produced Zincalume and uncoated steel for the automotive and consumer durable industries. In collaboration with Simpsons Holdings Ltd., they also produced the renowned Tucker Box freezer. Today the BHP Coated Products Division has been merged into BlueScope Steel Limited.


 1921 - 1980s John Lysaght (Australia) Ltd
       1979 - Coated Products Division

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