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Corporate entry Armed Forces Food Science Establishment (AFFSE) (1971 - 1994)

Commonwealth Defence Science Organisation

Scottsdale, Tasmania, Australia
Defence Research
Reference No
CA 6154
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Scottsdale, Tasmania


Armed Forces Food Science Establishment was established in 1971 when the Army Food Research Station underwent a name change. In 1975 the centre was under the control of the Service Laboratories and Trials Division of DSTO, then in 1982 it became part of the Materials Research Laboratories. In 1994 the establishment was renamed the Defence Food Science Centre, which was in turn renamed the Defence Nutrition Research Centre in 1997.

The Army Food Research Laboratories were established at Scottsdale, Tasmania in 1958. The Laboratories' role included research and development of foods for the three Services. Later that same year they were renamed the Defence Food Research Establishment-Vegetable Dehydration Division. In 1960 the Division was re-named The Army Food Science Establishment, which in turn was renamed the Army Food Research Station the following year.

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  • Richards, R. J., 'Fit to Fight: from Butter to Bullets: Defence Food Science in Australia', Food Australia, 43 (9) (1991), 415-417. Details


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