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Corporate entry Agricultural Bureau of South Australia (1888 - )

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Advisory or regulatory body and Agricultural industry
Adelaide, South Australia


The Agricultural Bureau of South Australia was established in 1888. During the first half of the 20th century the Bureau contributed to the development and use of superphosphate as a fertiliser. The Bureau has operated for over one hundred years and continues assist people with agricultural problems and to bridge the gap between scientists and farmers.

Published resources


  • Andretzke, Chris, Koonunga District, 1840-2003, Then and Now: Celebrating 75 Years of the Koonunga Branch of the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia, 1928-2003 (Koonunga: Koonunga District Book Committee, 2004), 376 pp. Details
  • Gray, P. N., A History of the Agricultural Bureau, Woman's Agricultural Bureau and Rural Youth Movement in South Australia, 1888-1985 (Adelaide: South Australian Department of Agriculture, 1987), 157 pp. Details
  • Guerin, Caroline, One Hundred Years on the Land - the History of the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia (Adelaide: Advisory Board of Agriculture, 1988), 275 pp. Details


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