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Corporate entry Centre for Applied Colloid Science (1980 - )

Swinburne University of Technology

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Industrial or scientific research and Education
Melbourne, Victoria


In 1980 the Centre for Applied Colloid Science was established in the Department of Applied Chemistry to primarily study the physical chemistry of colloidal systems. Six years later the centre was renamed the Centre for Applied Colloid and Biocolloid Science as its scope had been expanded to include research into biological systems. By 2002 the activities of the centre had again expanded so widely that another name change was needed and it was renamed he Environment and Biotechnology Centre. In 2006 the centre still remains in operation and is located with in the School of Engineering and Science at Swinburne's Hawthorn campus. It has developed strong links to industry and is focussed on industrial biotechnology and environmental research.

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