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Corporate entry Keith Turnbull Research Institute (1967 - )

Victorian Department of Primary Industries

Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Conservation or Environment, Advisory or Regulatory Body and Industrial or Scientific Research
Keith Turnbull Research Institute PO Box 48 Ballarto Rd Frankston, Victoria 3199 AUSTRALIA Telephone:(03) 9785 0111 Facsimile:(03) 9785 2007


The Keith Turnbull Research Institute was established as a Victorian Government research institution to carry out studies in conservation and natural resources. Particular interests have included management strategies for pest plants, animals and insects in urban, agricultural and natural ecosystems. It was originally part of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, but in 2002 it was moved to the newly formed Department of Primary Industries.

From their Web site, 26 April 2001: "The Keith Turnbull Research Institute (KTRI) is dedicated to the development and implementation of integrated management strategies for pest plants, animals and insect pests in urban, agricultural and natural ecosystems. The focus of research is on the protection of agricultural industries and the preservation of biodiversity in natural ecosystems through the development of economical and ecologically sustainable methods of weed, pest animal and pest insect control."

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