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Corporate entry Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (1999 - 2006)

The University of Melbourne

3 May 1999
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
31 December 2006
Collection Management, History of Australian Engineering, History of Australian Science and History of Australian Technology
Alternative Names
  • Austehc (Acronym)
Old Arts Building, Room 219 University of Melbourne Victoria 3010 Phone: +61 3 8344 3304 Fax: +61 3 9349 4630


On its establishment in 1999, the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Melbourne, not only continued the academic, research and heritage activities of its predecessor, the Australian Science Archives Project (ASAP), but also developed a broader research program in cultural informatics and humanities computing. These are areas of study that deal directly with how society copes with the flood of hyper-accessible information and the ever-increasing complexity of modern life. The Centre fosters the preservation, promotion and development of the heritage of Australian science, technology and medicine. Through the development of its software tools it has reached a wide community interested in preserving and making accessible information from the past.


On 3 May 1999 the Council of the University of Melbourne declared the formation of the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (Austehc). It is associated with the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in the Faculty of Arts. ASAP's popular online information resources, notably Bright Sparcs, form the key focus of the Centre's activities.

ASAP's 14 years experience at the local, national and international levels provided a solid foundation for the Centre's success. The important network of associations with academic, government and private organisations, and individuals was maintained and developed to further enhance the Centre's crucial role. Austehc goals included: establishing the infrastructure, through research, development and implementation, to undertake collaborative projects and activities relating to the history and heritage of science, technology and medicine, within the University of Melbourne and with external organisations and individuals; Creating and providing access to authoritative information resources dealing with the history and heritage of science, technology and medicine, primarily with an Australian focus, to support academic scholarship, secondary and primary education, and general community awareness; Advancing the pursuit of knowledge in the history, archival, museum, heritage studies and information management disciplines through teaching, research and development.


 1985 - 1999 Australian Science Archives Project
       1999 - 2006 Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre
             2007 - eScholarship Research Centre

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  • McCarthy, Gavan, 'Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre: Networking Australia's Cultural Heritage', Lasie, 31 (2) (2000), 33-38. Details


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