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MacLeod, Roy
The Commonwealth of Science: ANZAAS and the Scientific Enterprise in Australasia, 1888-1988
Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1988, 433 pp

Contents: Organiszing science under the southern cross, by Roy MacLeod (pp. 19-39); From imperial to national science, by Roy MacLeod (pp. 40-72); The impulse of science in public affairs, 1945-1986, by James Davenport (pp. 73-96); The life sciences: collections to conservation, by Linden Gillbank (pp. 99-129); The earth sciences: searching for geological order, by David Branagan and Thomas Valance (pp. 130-146); The physical sciences: string, sealing wax and self-sufficiency, by R. W. Home (pp. 147-165); Chemists at ANZAAS: cabbages or kings?, by Ian D. Rae (pp. 166-195); Australian anthropology and ANZAAS: "strictly scientific and critical", by D. J. Mulvaney (pp. 196-221); Education, social science and the "common weal", by Alison Turtle (pp. 222-246); Protracted reconciliation: society and the environment, by J. M. Powell (pp. 249-271); Developing nature's treasures: agriculture and mining in Australasia, by Bruce Davidson (pp. 272-291); Professional hygienists and the health of the nation, by John Powles (pp. 292-307); Social responsibility of science: the social mirror of science, by Ron Johnston (pp. 308-325); The political economy of technology, by Ted Wheelwright and Greg Crough (pp.. 326-342); Technology, employment and post-industrial society, by Sol Encel (pp. 343-357).