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Archival Resources Details T2005/025: NIH Grant Applications

Series Title
T2005/025: NIH Grant Applications
Records Services, The University of Melbourne
Date Range
1987 - 1998
Professor Graeme Clark

These administrative files regarding National Institute of Health (NIH) Grant Applications date from 1987 to 1998. The files were transferred to Central Records, University of Melbourne from Professor Graeme Clark's offices at the Bionic Ear Insititute. As at August 2016, they were stored in the basement of Wilson Hall and managed by Records Services, University of Melbourne. Records Services have details of the transfer in a 'Records Services Records Transfer Form' including a partial list of box contents, and, a report with box locations in Wilson Hall (generated from an internally managed database). T2005/025 is the transfer number given to the records.

61 boxes