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Archival Resources Details Graeme Milbourne Clark - Records

Collection Title
Graeme Milbourne Clark - Records
Private hands (Clark, G.M.)
Date Range
1970 - 1988

These records cover the period from 1970 to 1988 and included approximately 3000 items. As of 1990, this collection held by Graeme Clark included the following paper records:

  • Correspondence (c100 items)
  • reports (c100 items)
  • meeting records (c100 items)
  • diaries (c10 items)
  • research notes (c50 files)
  • publication records (c100 items)
  • conference records (c100 records)
  • lecture notes (c50 items)
  • newspaper cuttings (c10 files)
  • photographs (c1000 items)
  • circuit diagrams (c100 items);