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Biographical entry Phillips, George (1843 - 1921)

Burslem, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
2 June 1921
Alderley, Queensland, Australia
Politician and Surveyor


George Phillips was a surveyor who accompanied William Landsdown on his expedition to Burketown in northern Queensland in 1866. As surveyor with the Queensland Lands Department Phillips did much work in the coastal areas north of Mackay. In 1884 he invented and patented a steel railway sleeper that could be used in terrain where termites and flooding made the usual sleepers untenable. These sleepers were used on a number of Queensland rail lines. From 1895 Phillips was involved in the surveying, engineering and construction of tramways, and in 1909 reported to the Government on railways and ports in the Gulf country. In later years he was concerned with water supply and flood mitigation issues for Brisbane and its River. Phillips served one term in the Queensland Legislative Assembly.



Life event - Migrated to New South Wales with his family
Career event - Career event - joined the Queensland Roads Department
1863 - 1879
Career position - Surveyor with the Queensland Lands Department
1879 - 1886
Career position - Inspector of Surveys in the Southern Division, Queensland Rail
1886 -
Career position - In private surveying practice
1893 - 1896
Career position - Member for Carpentaria in Queensland Legislative Assembly
1896 -
Career position - Inspector of Artesian Bores, Queensland Government
1904 -
Career position - Member, Brisbane Board of Waterworks
Career position - President, Queensland Institute of Surveyors

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