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Biographical entry Marshall, Thomas Claude (1896 - 1976)

2 January 1896
Red Hill, Queensland, Australia
30 June 1976
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Thomas Marshall was an ichthyologist who began his career as a preparator at the Queensland Museum. He was responsible for a series of excellent dioramas and models, and made documentary films on Queensland's marine natural history. In 1942 he was seconded to the Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine to supervise wartime manpower regulations in the fishing industry. On being appointed Ichthyologist to the Department, he established its scientific section, the forerunner of the fisheries research services of the Queensland Government, as well as developing a scientific collection which included specimens of Queensland's fish fauna. Marshall was noted as a careful and rigorous taxonomist, if somewhat conservative. In 1964 he published Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef and coastal waters of Queensland.



1915 - 1917
Career position - Served with the Militia
1919 - 1942
Career position - Artificer, Queensland Museum
1942 - 1943
Career position - Seconded to Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine
1943 - 1946
Career position - Assistant Chief Inspector of Fisheries, Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine
1946 - 1962
Career position - Ichthyologist, Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine
Life event - Retired

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  • Vernon, D. P., 'Obituary: Thomas Claude Marshall 1896-1976', Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, 18 (1) (1977), 125-126. Details


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