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Biographical entry O'Bryan, Moira (1966 - )

Berriwillock, Victoria, Australia
Medical scientist


Dr Moira O'Bryan has contributed to the field of endocrinology and molecular reproduction. Her career began at St Vincent's Hospital in Fitzroy, Melbourne, where she worked on characterising an immune regulator in the male reproductive tract and how it affects infertility. She received a Mellon Foundation fellowship at the Population Council Centre for Biomedical Research at the Rockefeller University in New York, investigating the endocrinology associated with fertility in males for three years. O'Bryan returned to Australia, to the Centre for Molecular Reproduction and Endocrinology at the Monash Institute of Reproduction and Development. She led projects as head of a large research group whose focus was to isolate components of the mammalian sperm tail and their function, and identify if they're linked to infertility in human males.

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