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Corporate entry Faculty of Science (1903 - )

The University of Melbourne

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Education, Industrial or scientific research and Medical Research
Melbourne, Victoria


The Faculty of Science was established in 1903 at the University of Melbourne. Many fields are offered for study by the Faculty, including botany, chemistry, earth sciences, genetics, information systems, mathematics, optometry, physics and zoology.

Published resources


  • Hohne, H., Success and failure in scientific faculties of the University of Melbourne: an extended follow-up of 901 students who had entered the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and Agriculture in 1943 and 1944, Australian Council for Educational Rsearch, Melbourne, 1955, 129 pp. Details
  • Rasmussen, Carolyn, Milestones in the history of the Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne, University of Melbourne and ASUTEHC, Carlton (Vic.), 2003, 16 pp. Details

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