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Biographical entry Ward, Hugh Kingsley (1887 - 1972)

17 September 1887
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
22 November 1972
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Hugh Ward was the Bosch Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Sydney from 1935 to 1952, then medical officer with the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service. Previously he worked in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Ward received the Military Cross with 2 Bars for his outstanding work and braveness in treating wounded service men during World War I.



c. 1910
Education - Bachelor of Medicine (MB) completed at the University of Sydney
1910 - 1911
Career position - Resident Medical Officer at the Sydney Hospital
1911 - 1914
Career position - (New South Wales) Rhodes Scholar at New College, Oxford, UK
1914 - 1917
Career position - War service in the Royal Army Medical Corps Special Reserve
1923 - 1924
Career position - Rockefeller Fellow in the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology at Harvard University, USA
1924 - 1926
Career position - Bacteriologist at the University of Oxford
1926 - 1934
Career position - Assistant Professor of Bacteriology at Harvard University
1935 - 1952
Career position - Bosch Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Sydney
1936 -
Founding member of the National Health and Medical Research Council
1948 - 1953
Career position - Council member of the Australian National University
Life event - Retried from the University of Sydney
1952 - 1953
Career position - Chairman of the Australian National Research Council
1952 - 1966
Career position - Medical Officer with the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Office in Sydney

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