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Biographical entry Maitland, Andrew Gibb (1864 - 1951)

30 November 1864
Birkby, Yorkshire, England
27 January 1951
Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia


Andrew Maitland was a geologist and authority on underground water in Western Australia (WA) for around thirty years. Prior to this he worked on the 1888 Geological Survey of Queensland. As Western Australia's Government Geologist, Maitland established the Geological Survey of Western Australia, located water bores between Geraldton and North West Cape, surveyed and mapped the Pilbara region and parts of the Kimberley. All in all, almost half the State had been geographically mapped during his reign. Gibb River and Maitland Range in the Kimberley were named after him, as are several species of invertebrate fossils. Maitland also received numerous other honours and awards including the Mueller Medal from ANZAAS (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science).



Career position - Second Assistant Geologist to the Geological Survey of Queensland
1888 - 1896
Career position - Assistant Geologist, Geological Survey of Queensland
Career position - Geological examination of British New Guinea
1896 - 1926
Career position - Government Geologist in Western Australia
1897 - 1904
Career position - Founding Member, Mueller Botanic Society
Career position - Bibliography of the Geology of Western Australia published
Career position - Geologist on the Drake-Brockman expedition to the Kimberley
Career position - Surveying and mapping the Pilbra area
1910 - 1911
Career position - President, Natural History and Science Society of Western Australia
1915 -
Career position - Honorary member of the Royal Society of New South Wales
1915 - 1916
Career position - President, Royal Society of Western Australia
Award - Mueller Medal, Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
1924 - 1927
Career position - President, Royal Society of Western Australia
Life event - Retired
Award - Clarke Memorial Medal received from the Royal Society of New South Wales
Award - Medal of the Royal Society of Western Australia

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