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Biographical entry Callcott, Thomas George (Tom) (1924 - 2014)


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
November 2014
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Inorganic chemist


Tom Callcott was noted for his research into the composition and processing of coal. After four years with ICIANZ Ltd he joined the British Coal Utilisation Research Association where he worked on fine coal. Here he developed the Broadbent-Callcott technique which tracked the movement of particles through size fractions as breakage occurred - resulting equations became basis of models now used to optimise industrial comminution processes. For over 25 years Callcott worked for the BHP Central Research Laboratory in Newcastle, New South Wales, becoming Fuel Research Manager. His research concerned the physical and chemical properties of coal and its derivatives, resource appraisal, comminution of fuels and minerals, coal preparation research and practices, and coal conversion, especially liquefaction, through solvent refined coal. Callcott had an extensive publications record and held patents for a number of coal processes.



Education - BSc, University of Melbourne
1947 - 1951
Career position - Research officer, ICIANZ Ltd
1951 - 1955
Career position - Research scientist, British Coal Utilisation Research Association
1955 - 2014
Career position - Member, Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
1956 - 1982
Career position - Research officer (later Fuel Research Manager ), BHP Central Research Laboratories, Newcastle, New South Wales
Education - DAppSc, University of Melbourne
Award - Melchett Medal, British Institute of Energy
1976 - 1987
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences
1977 - 1978
Career position - Foundation President, Australian Institute of Energy
1982 - 2007
Career position - Principal, Callcott Consulting Pty Ltd
1987 - 2014
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Award - Institute Medal, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Award - Centenary Medal for service to Australian society in mineral science and engineering
Award - Joseph Becker Award, Iron and Steel Society
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to science, particularly in the fields of particle science, coal carbonisation and coal technology
Life event - Retired

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