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Macleod, Roy
The Boffins of Botany Bay: Radar at the University of Sydney, 1939-1945
Historical Records of Australian Science
vol. 12, no. 4, 1999, pp. 411-493
Chronological Classification 1901- Natural Sciences Physical Sciences

Contents include: Roy MacLeod, 'Introduction: Revisiting Australia's Wartime Radar Programme', pp. 411-418; Harry Minnett, 'The Radiophysics Laboratory at the University of Sydney', pp. 419-427; Harry Minnett with Bruce (T.B.) Alexander, Brian (F.C.) Cooper and Hal (F.H.) Porter, 'Radar and the Bombing of Darwin', pp. 429-455; Harry Minnett with Bruce (T.B.) Alexander, Ernest Bullock, George Day, Walter Fielder-Gill, Bernard Mills and Bob (R.C.) Richardson, 'Light-Weight Air Warning Radar', pp. 457-467; Walter Fielder-Gill with John Benett, Jim (James A.) Davidson, Alf Pollard, Hal (F.H.) Porter, and Bob (Robert T.) Slayter, 'The "Bailey Boys": The University of Sydney and the Training of Radar Officers', pp. 469-477; Fiona Burn and Kate Cumming, 'Sources on Radar in the National Archives of Australia', pp.479-484; Rodney Teakle, 'Radar Record-keeping in the CSIRO', pp. 485-486; 'Notes on Contributors', pp. 487-489; Bibliography, pp.491-493.

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