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Clifford, Harold T.
Cambridge - Castlemaine: a Tribute to John Stewart Turner on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday
Botany Department, University of Queensland, St Lucia, 1988, 71 pp
Chronological Classification 1901- Natural Sciences Biological Sciences

Enclosed contributions

Ashton, David, "The Development of Ecology in Melbourne University Botany School Under Professor Turner"
Balding, Bill, "The Wallaby Club"
Brookes, John, "A Tribute to John Turner"
Butcher, A. D., "John Stewart Turner - The Conservationist"
Cavaye, Diana, "A Tribute to John Turner"
Chambers, Carrick, "John Stewart Turner"
Clifford, H. Trevor, "John Turner - In Appreciation"
Curtis, David, "John Turner's Influence on the Australian Academy of Science"
Dainton, Fred, "A Tribute to John Turner"
Dettmann, Mary, "John Turner and his Influence on Australian Palaeobotanical Studies"
Ducker, Sophie, "Point Lonsdale"
Evans, Clifford, "J.S. Turner: The Cambridge Years 1926-1938"
Everson, Garth, "A Postgraduate Appreciation"
Garnett, T.R., "A Tribute to John Turner"
Goodall, David William, "A Tribute to John Turner"
Groves, J. And R., "An Appreciation of JST on his Eightieth Birthday"
Howson, Peter, "John Turner and the Maud Gibson Trust"
Jones, Eustace, "John Turner at Cambridge"
Lindros, J. And Calder, M., "John Stewart Turner: Botanist, Conservationist, Teacher and Friend"
Moulds, Frank, "John Stewart Turner"
Richards, Paul, "John Turner at Cambridge"
Robertson, Bob, "A Tribute to John S. Turner"
Rogers, Margaret, "John Turner - An Appreciation"
Rowan, Kingsley, "The Botany School: 1938-1973"
Rowan, Kingsley, "John Turner and the McCoy Society"
Shaw, D. And M., "Early Melbourne Days"
Specht, Ray, "Field Studies in Victoria"
Stokes, David, "A Tribute to J.S. Turner"
Stones, Margaret, "Reflections of a Botanical Artist"
Thrower, Peter, "Professor Turner and Plant Pathology"
Thrower, Stella, "Professor Turner - Four Aspects"
Vines, Vera, "John Stewart Turner - The Artist"
Weste, Gretna, "A Reminiscence and Appreciation of John Turner"
Willis, Jim, "A Tribute to J.S. Turner"
Wischer, John, "John Turner - A Man of Trees"

Carlson 1988