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Brown, David; Johnston, Ben
Lake Margaret Power Scheme - Something old, something new
16th Engineering Heritage Australia Conference: Conserving Our Heritage - Make a Difference!
Engineers Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2011, pp. 435-447

The Upper Power Station of the Margaret Power Scheme was opened in 1914 by the Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company. The Upper Power Station initially consisted of four generating sets and by 1930 was expanded to seven 1200 kW horizontal Pelton units. In 1931 the Lower Power Station was opened, utilising water from the Upper Power Station. In June 2006 the scheme, now owned by Hydro Tasmania was closed due to safety concerns. In 2009 the Upper Power Station was returned to service with a new wood stave pipeline and modern protection scheme to facilitate unattended operation. In 2010 the Lower Power Station was expanded and a new 3200 kW Turgo unit installed beside the original. This paper describes the journey of redevelopment and challenges in a modern operating environment.

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