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Evans, Peter S.
Richard's winch
16th Engineering Heritage Australia Conference: Conserving Our Heritage - Make a Difference!
Engineers Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2011, pp. 355-366

Richards' winch site was added to the Victorian Heritage Register in 1998 as the most intact conventional in-situ logging winch site in the State. It consists of an internally-fired boiler, an 1860s single-cylinder winding engine (partially dismantled), and its replacement double-drum winch built by Russell Allport of Tasmania. The intactness of the site is due to the destruction by bushfire of the tramline by which the machinery was to be removed once logging had finished. The winch is sited in thick bush in what is a working forest used both for the production of timber and as part of Melbourne's water supply. This has presented significant challenges in ensuring the survival of the site as the forest was logged around it for a second time. This paper will explore how a combination of good heritage practice and careful management by the local forest authority has contributed to the preservation and conservation of the site.

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