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Institution of Engineers, Australia. Sydney Division. Engineering Heritage Committee
The Historic Engineering Plaques of Australia
The Institution of Engineers, Australia, Milsons Point, New South Wales, 1994, 38 pp

This booklet describes the historic engineering works and inventions, which have to date (1994) been recognised under the Institution's Plaquing Programme, and celebrates the people responsible for them.

Ashwin, C F (1816-1878) [Angle Vale Bridge]
Baltzer, W J [Annandale Sewer Aqueducts]
Bull, John Wrathall (1804-1886) [Bull & Ridley Grain Harvesting Machines]
Ridley, John (1806-1887) [Bull & Ridley Grain Harvesting Machines]
Busby, John (1765-1857) [Busby's Bore]
O'Connor, C Y (1843-1902) [Coolgardie Goldfiels Water Supply Scheme]
McDonald, John A (-1933) [The 1893 Cowra Truss Bridge]
Dare, Henry Harvey (1867-1949) [Darlington Point Bridge]
O'Connor, C Y (1843-1902) [Fremantle Harbour]
Furphy, John (1842-1920) [Furphy Water Cart]
Hill, Richard T [Goolwa-Port Elliot Railway]
Jones, Thomas (1809-) [Goolwa-Port Elliot Railway]
Whitton, John (1819-1898) [The Great Zig Zag]
Allan, Percy (1861-1930) [Hampden Bridge]
Howard, Arthur Clifford (1893-1971) [Howard's Rotary Hoe]
Doyne, William Thomas () [King's Bridge Launceston]
Lennox, David (1788-1873) [Lennox's Landsdowne Bridge]
Thomson, Max () [Lewisham Railway Viaduct]
Sandford, William () [Lithgow Blast Furnace]
Richardson, Ray () [Locomotove 3801]
McKay, Hugh Victor (1865-1926) [McKay Smithy]
Wade, Leslie Augustus Buton (1864-1915) [Medlow Bath Dam]
Moriarty, Edward Orpen (1825-1896) [Newcastle Harbour]
Blackbourn, John (1842-1911) [Princess Royal Battery and Magazine]
Moriarty, Edward Orpen (1825-1896) [Prospect Dam]
Allan, Percy (1861-1930) [Pyrmont Bridge]
Bell, Thomas (Major) (1782-1866) [Richmond Bridge]
Smith, Ricahrd Bowyer (1837-1919) [Smith's Stump-Jump Plough]
Smith, Clarence Herbert (1855-1901) [Smith's Stump-Jump Plough]
Hudson, William (Sir) (1896-1978) [Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme]
Thwaites, William (1853-1907) [Spotswood Pumping Station]
Bradfield, J J C (Dr) (1867-1943) [Story Bridge]
- [Sugar Cane Harvesting Machines]
Bradfield, J J C (Dr) (1867-1943) [Sydney Harbour Bridge]
- [Tamworth Street-lighting Plant]
Butters, John Henry (Sir) (1885-1969) [Waddamana 'A' Power Station]
- [Winding Engine No 756]