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Doring, Carl; Doring, Margret J.
Coal, Railways, and the Heritage of Newcastle: The Impact of Coal Mining & Rail Transport on the City's Heritage
First International and Eighth Australian Engineering Heritage Conference 1996: Shaping Our Future; Proceedings
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 1996, pp. 199-210

A brief history of the industrial development of central Newcastle sets the scene for a discussion of the main sources of Newcastle's surviving engineering heritage. The most significant industrial developments, and the most significant engineering relics, belong to the coal industry, or are related in some way to the transport of coal from pithead to factory or pithead to ship. Most sites discussed are located around the Harbour shores, from Nobby's Head to the Dyke. Some specific historic industrial sites which lie outside the central Newcastle limits, are also seminally important to the development of Newcastle. Some significant surviving relics and historic sites, related to coal mining, coal transport and coal usage are identified, and suggestions made for their recognition, interpretation, and conservation.

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